Etymology: The word 'Pork', meaning 'flesh of a pig as food', dates to the 13th century and is derived from the Classical Latin term, porkus [pig, tame swine]. Back to Meat Products.

UK Pork Cuts - Imported and supplied by W.W. Giles

Types of Cuts

  • 1. Head
  • 2. Collar/Neck
  • 3. Blade
  • 4. Hand
  • 5. Loin
  • 6. Belly/Ribs
  • 7. Leg/Ham
  • 8. Hock
  • 9. Trotters

Pig Illustration

Pork Cuts

Quality Assured

Quality Assured Pork Products

Product Specifics

  • Primarily imported from Europe incl. Denmark.
  • Cuts incl. Shoulder, Loin, Belly, Trotters, Skirt etc.
  • Pre-processing as required.
  • Frozen or chilled.
  • On or off the bone.
  • Offal products include Heart, Liver, Stomach.
  • Trim, Fat, Jowl, Tail.
  • All products covered by WWG's quality assurance systems.
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