Lamb & Mutton

Etymology: Use of the word 'Sheep' begain in Middle English as derivation of the Old English word scap. Mutton meaning 'flesh of sheep used as food' dates to the late 13th Century and comes from the Old French term, moton or mouton  [ram, wether, sheep]. 'Lamb' comes from the German word, Lambiz. Back to Meat Products.

UK Lamb Cuts - Imported and supplied by W.W. Giles

Types of Cuts
  • 1. Scrag End
  • 2. Middle Neck
  • 3. Best End
  • 4. Shoulder
  • 5. Breast
  • 6. Loin
  • 7. Chump
  • 8. Leg

Sheep Illustration

Lamb Cuts

Quality Assured

Quality Assured Lamb & Mutton Products

Product Specifics

  • Primarily imported from Australia and New Zealand.
  • All primal cuts - Breast, Chump, Leg, Neck, Shortloin, Shoulder, etc.
  • Foreshanks & Hindshanks.
  • Lamb & Mutton Trim and Fat.
  • Pre-processing as required.
  • Frozen or chilled.
  • On or off the bone.
  • Certifications incl. Halal, Organic, & EQA.
  • Grassfed & Grainfed.
  • Extensive offal range - Heart, Kidney, Liver, Tripe & Sweetbreads.
  • All products covered by WWG's quality assurance systems.

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